Real Projectives, LLC provides professional project management, technical/operational trouble shooting and versatile real estate advisory services to businesses throughout the United States.

With a passion for real estate that runs two decades deep, we manage risk by conducting due diligence and proactive planning that routinely exceeds industry standards, diligently coordinating resources and ultimately leveraging limited capital to maximize the results from your individual or multi-sector portfolio.  Real Projectives'™ clients repeatedly come to us to plan and lead building improvements, property acquisitions, development, asset re-positioning and interior renovations of commercial and medical office, retail, technology, hospitality, industrial and multi-family residential facilities.

Focused on High Performance Real Estate

Real Projectives has delivered for its clients on hundreds of real estate value enhancement projects spanning two decades. Acting as an advisor to property owners, owner businesses, government offices and educational institutions, we have consistently won the long-term trust of our clients

A sampling of recent projects include Owner Representative, Consultant, Development Advisor, Tenant Construction Manager, Management Assessor, and Asset Advisor.

The Real Estate Enhancement Experts™

Real Projectives is The Real Estate Enhancement Experts™ will review your property with you at no cost and provide consultation on the areas in which we can maximize your property's potential while minimizing risks. 

We customize our approach for each project with an appreciation for special goals, needs, parameters and constraints. We find root causes to problems to deliver sustainable and effective solutions. Few consultants can match our thorough and holistic perspectives.

Why Real Projectives?

We are holistic, proactive and flexible. We know our business and maintain a focus on creating real value. We bring the experience of millions of square feet for small and large owners and users of real estate. We continuously earn and respect client trust. This is what we do. 

The Real Projectives team can solve your asset problems, provide you with the knowledge you need and work alongside you to manage your real estate from the most basic renovation to the most complicated mixed-use project.

Real Projectives Pledges To

  • Listen to your needs, wants and concerns
  • Communicate openly and with respect
  • Earn, but never abuse, your trust
  • Act professionally at all times
  • Support informed decision making
  • Encourage a holistic view
  • Coordinate the most appropriate resources
  • Organize our team for timely results
  • Charge a fair fee that reflects value and risk