Why Real Projectives?

We are holistic, proactive and flexible. We know our business and maintain a focus on creating real value. We bring the experience of millions of square feet for small and large owners and users of real estate. We continuously earn and respect client trust. This is what we do. The Real Projectives team can solve your asset problems, provide you with the knowledge you need and work alongside you to manage your real estate from the most basic renovation to the most complicated mixed-use project.

Real Projectives™ has delivered for its clients on hundreds of real estate value enhancement projects spanning two decades. Acting as an advisor to property owners, owner businesses, government offices and educational institutions, we have consistently won the long-term trust of our clients.

Case Studies.

Below are a few examples of where our experience allowed us to effectively & efficiently manage a clients project.

Trusted Diligence.  A private equity firm found an opportunity to joint venture in a build-to-suit development of a complicated Maryland laboratory to be occupied by a government-related organization.  While they had the capability to evaluate the financial aspects and risks of the project, they turned to Real Projectives™ for entitlements, design, and construction expertise.  We served as an instrumental advisor throughout extensive due diligence, contract negotiations, and pre-construction expediting.  We identified and managed a myriad of risks, improved the project’s organizational structure, and reduced the project budget about $5 million.

Focused Savings. Over 18 months an institutional asset manager contemplated major renovations to the exterior façade of a suburban office building to deal with persistent leaks. Called in for a second opinion, we investigated the property conditions, talked to key team members, and determined a more effective strategy at lower cost. Through Real Projectives™, the goals were focused in two months and work was completed six weeks later for only one-third of the original budget, including our fees! We then developed a long-range capital plan and budget.

Revived Progress. A special servicer realized that the build out for an important new anchor tenant in a retail center in receivership stalled out and project costs unexplainably tripled. Real Projectives™ interviewed key project players, visited the site and concluded that inadequate investigation of existing conditions and unclear communications of budget assumptions were to blame. We recommended a revised scope and realistic budget along with amended responsibilities be taken to move the work forward so that the tenant could promptly open for business and begin paying rent.

Smart Decisions. An owner/manager firm needed to replace the main chillers at a high rise office building in Virginia. Their building engineering team discussed options for almost three years but could not agree with the money partners what alternative to implement and how much to spend. In four short months working with an MEP engineer we reviewed the building cooling loads, determined the most appropriate equipment, and put the project out to bid. The work was performed during the following winter and came in 10% less than originally budgeted.

Risks Managed. An office REIT was faced with assessing a major and unique set of risks among more than 350 properties across the U.S. and mitigating against an immovable deadline. They hired a notable consulting firm but found that progress was slow and fees mounted. Our principal was honored to be selected by the executive committee to lead the vital initiative. He shifted risk identification to the property managers and engineers who knew the specific situations best while providing ongoing research, technical support and unified reporting to the board from a central project office. The creative approach successfully prepared the properties on time and with total costs 20% less than budgeted, translating to an enhanced reputation, increased FFO and higher dividends for stockholders.

Solid Leadership.

Leadership at Real Projectives goes beyond the management process. It guarantees our clients experienced and foresighted representatives who aren't intimidated by logistical nightmares, are fearless with contractors and vendors and smart enough to balance your interests and your budget.


Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams has two decades of real estate industry experience, degrees in engineering and real estate and an intense passion for generating the most value. Prior to founding Real Projectives in 2008, Williams was the Director of Construction Management for a regional real estate company. There he led the department through improved service practices while managing a variety of office and retail projects in the Baltimore-Washington region. Earlier in his career, he held the Senior Vice President position at Metropolitan Engineering, Inc. While there he formed a project management group and improved engineering integration. In addition, he was instrumental in synchronizing a corporate merger that grew revenues four-fold. Previously, he was a project manager and owner representative in the development, construction and property operations divisions for CarrAmerica, a nationally recognized REIT once traded on the NYSE. During the latter affiliation he specialized in complex capital improvements and uniquely guided the preparation of more than 350 properties across the U.S., valued at more than $4 Billion, for unique risk concerns.