Real Projectives™ may take the role of developer at risk on new ground-up, repositioning and major renovations. We tackle deal structures with existing land owners, local operators and municipal partnerships.


Our experience, leadership and organization benefit us and our strategic partnerships to facilitate projects that are both executable and profitable for our investors.


We customize our approach for each project with an appreciation for special goals, needs, parameters and constraints. We find root causes to problems to deliver sustainable and effective solutions. Few consultants can match our thorough and holistic perspectives.

  • Actively listen and frequently communicate;
  • Tailor efforts to each client and specific engagement;
  • Coordinate solution details and action responsibilities proactively;
  • Leverage modern tools including email, extranets, BIM, mobile devices, and databases;
  • Combine proven techniques with innovative problem-solving skills;
  • Create long lasting relationships which will lead to higher tenant retention with our hands-on approach; and
  • Provide defensible advice on how to better position and finance existing properties or alter portfolio holdings.

Clients benefit from our unique approach and professional team including:

  • Less Overhead – use and pay for our services only when needed;
  • Faster Results – preventative thinking coupled with goal-driven passion streamlines outcomes;
  • Better Quality – expert knowledge applied from analysis through operation;
  • Reduced Risk – experience to minimize surprises; and
  • Longer Savings – life-cycle view with diligent cost control saves now and through maintenance.



The success of any service-driven business depends heavily on its employees, their ideas, individual and group performance, and our ability to foster an engaging work atmosphere. Real Projectives™ goes beyond the management process. It guarantees our clients experienced and foresighted representatives who aren’t intimidated by logistical nightmares, are fearless with contractors and vendors and smart enough to balance your interests and your budget.

The Real Projectives™ team can solve your asset problems, provide you with the knowledge you need to make profitable decisions and work alongside you to manage your real estate – from the most basic renovation to the most complicated mixed-use project – to its utmost potential.

Founder and Principal Jonathan Williams has two decades of real estate industry experience, degrees in engineering and real estate and an intense passion for generating the most value.

Real Projectives™ embraces and appreciates these core personal values:

  • Hard Working / Committed / Dedicated / Tireless
  • Professionalism / Integrity
  • Organization with Adaptability
  • Driven for Results
  • Holistic / Short and Long Term / Life Views
  • Mutual Attention to both Bigger Picture and Small Details
  • Proactivity / Thinking Ahead
  • High touch / Personalized Service