Project Management
The heart of services for Real Projectives™ is proactively managing projects.

We serve as owner/landlord or user/tenant representative on building renovation and interior improvement projects. Services include design oversight, permit and bidding procurement, construction administration, and closeout facilitation phases highlighted below.

Phase I: Design and Budget Evaluation
  1. Meet with Client to document key scope, schedule, budget, risk and communication goals.
  2. Evaluate design documents against contractor budget and make recommendations on apppropriate strategy and value engineering alternatives.
  3. Communicate with the architect through completion of construction documents.
  4. Review and comment on contractor’s proposed construction budget.
  5. Oversee the entire design team to facilitate timely completion of design issues, tasks and deliverables. Coordinate the preparation of appropriate plans and specifications.
  6. Generally review design documents prior to release for permit/bid and construction.
  7. Review and assist in negotiation of a contract with selected general contractor.
  8. Review and advise on pre-order of long lead items to include elevators and key mechanical equipment.
  9. Prepare a comprehensive project budget to include hard and soft costs.
Phase II: Permit and Bidding
  1. Assist the architect or contractor to apply for and expedite the building permit and all necessary jurisdictional approvals to allow construction of the work.
  2. Review and comment on copies of contractor’s license, certificate of insurance, schedule of values, and construction schedule.
  3. Assist the contractor to obtain firm pricing from all trades via bid of completed documents. Attend bid meetings as needed.
  4. Review and advise on requests from Contractor to release/award subcontractors. Update project budget based on bidding results.
Phase III: Construction Administration
  1. Participate in a pre‑construction conference to establish procedures, communications and methods during the construction phase.
  2. Monitor the submission and review of shop drawings and submittals between the contractor and design team. Facilitate corrective action when required.
  3. Review the construction schedule prepared and updated periodically by the contractor and monitor progress of work toward timely and satisfactory completion of the Project. Bring attention and recommend corrective action on long lead items, decisions and work activities that appear to be falling behind schedule.
  4. Ensure good coordination of construction activities between general contractor, property manager, building engineers and Client vendors throughout the duration of the project.
  5. Observe work in progress and completed for general compliance with the contract drawings, specifications, and approved submittals. Bring attention to apparent deficiencies and recommend corrective action.
  6. Monitor contractor Requests for Interpretation (RFI) among the project team and assist in resolving questions and conflicts. Advise Client on responses required.
  7. Administer change requests originated by contractor, Client or others. Review change proposals for merit and fair cost and recommend appropriate action by Client.  Review and comment on contractor’s change order log.
  8. Attend construction progress meetings on site with Client, contractor, property managers, and building engineers. Review meeting agendas, minutes and attachments prepared by contractor.
  9. Review contractor’s montlhy requests for payment and supporting invoices, schedule of values, lien releases, etc. Recommend amount to be paid and/or withheld directly by Client in accordance with the general contract.
  10. Monitor inspections scheduled with and made by the local jurisdiction and third party inspectors. Assist team in resolving any conflicts or claims arising from such inspections.
Phase IV: Project Closeout
  1. When the contractor has declared that the work is substantially complete, coordinate contractor, architect/interior designer, Client, property manager, and building engineers in the walkthrough of the Project and preparation of a punch list of incomplete and unacceptable items. Expedite contractor to complete or correct the items in a timely fashion.
  2. Assist Client in documenting certified substantial completion of work with contractor.
  3. Negotiate cost and/or schedule change orders and final adjustment of allowances.
  4. Advise on payment of final invoices and requisition.
  5. Expedite the preparation of as-built drawings and operation and maintenance documentation for records.
  6. Coordinate vendor demonstration of equipment and finishes operation and care.
  7. Review work for satisfactory completion of the punch list and determination of final completion.
  8. Prepare and submit to Client a final reconcillation of managed project costs against established budget.