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The Future of Self-Storage

The self-storage industry has recently seen a notable increase in the number of facilities emerging within urban areas. Two of Real Projectives’ senior project managers, Greg Wilhelm-Wenzel and Bryan Burnette, share their thoughts on the opportunities and consequences this new storage boom could bring. The Charlotte Observer cites that demand for storage units has increased,…

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Real Projectives’ Commentary on Millennial Housing Trends

by Jonathan Williams Much discussion has focused on how the real estate market should adapt to preferred housing trends for millennials as they age. Bisnow recently published an article in which Bozzuto CEO, Toby Bozzuto, predicted millennials will favor longer term stay in rental housing within the cities, but that there will be a significant…

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Real Projectives at Terrapin Adventures!

Real Projectives had a blast at Terrapin Adventures! Our growing team improved communication, trust, and teamwork while tackling the fun exercises, including high ropes, zip line and 40 ft. swing! Below are some pictures from our adventure-filled day!       

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Real Projectives enjoys making a real impact on the community!

Had a great day gardening with the Community Action Council of Howard County! We at Real Projectives enjoy making a real impact on the community!

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Real Projects – North Dakota Apartment Development

The “Great Recession’s” impact was not experienced uniformly across the country.   The Great Plains, more specifically North Dakota, exhibited a substantial growth within the housing market despite economic downturn throughout the rest of the country. Fueled by the energy industry’s efforts to leverage domestic natural resources, particularly through oil extraction from the Bakken formation, North…

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Investors Look to Senior Housing Projects as Key Demographic Ages

As the average age of the country’s population rises, the demand for adjusted living arrangements directed toward the population over the age of 65 continues to grow. Seeing promising returns in the multifamily market, retail investment firms have begun to jump at the opportunity to develop and reinvigorate multifamily residential complexes and senior assisted living…

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5 Things to Consider Before Commercial Real Estate Investing

The potential to gain a substantial profit makes commercial real estate investing an attractive option for many investors. It is important for those who are considering capitalizing on commercial real estate to be sure that they are working with a secure and worthwhile investment. The six aspects outlined below should be considered when determining the…

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Three Hotel Acquisition Tips

Investors with previous hotel experience can still run into various issues or setbacks during a hotel investment venture, as each hotel will be unique, have unique market conditions and unique financials. The following tips will help you enter a hotel investment with better information to prepare for owning the perfect hotel for you. Many investors…

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Quick “Must Knows” for Commercial Real Estate Investing

It’s common for many investors to enter the world of commercial real estate before completely educating themselves on the basics of commercial properties. Generally, new investors will use a spreadsheet to calculate critical information and move forward without fully grasping what they have estimated. In order to be a successful investor, there are a few…

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Real Projects: Chicago Apartments

How do real estate investors take advantage of prevailing housing trends while managing a myriad of risks? Current demand for quality urban apartments has been fueled by a combination of the “Millennial” generation’s desire for city living and renting vs. owning.  Developing apartments in cities has proved to be a winning formula for real estate…

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