Three Hotel Acquisition Tips

Investors with previous hotel experience can still run into various issues or setbacks during a hotel investment venture, as each hotel will be unique, have unique market conditions and unique financials. The following tips will help you enter a hotel investment with better information to prepare for owning the perfect hotel for you.

Many investors enter an opportunity without fully understanding the implications that the property could have on their life.  Hotel buyers must ask themselves the following questions in order to be sure that they have all the information they need to find a hotel investment that is worth the time and effort.

  • Will owning this hotel ultimately return a profit?
  • Do the numbers make sense?
  • Do I fully understand the market that I am entering?

In response to the first question, a potential hotel buyer must clear up any unrealistic views of how the hotel will operate once it is turned over. Sometimes an experienced investor assumes that they can handle any problems that go along with a property until they find themselves handling tasks that they never imagined and are not properly prepared for. These unexpected problems can discourage an investor and harm the health of the business as well. In order to prevent a situation like this from happening, investors of all experience levels should do their research on what it takes to keep the business running smoothly. This could be as simple as an in-depth question and answer session with the current owner.

Once your research is completed, it is important to address the second question, “Do the numbers make sense?” This aspect of investing cannot be overlooked. You must first ensure that you are able to obtain a sufficient loan to buy the hotel. An investor must also be confident that the cash flow created from the property will be able to cover loan payments and operating expenses. This seems like an obvious aspect of investing but it is often overlooked and investors end up with more than they bargained in regard to effort vs. return.

Finally, a potential hotel buyer must ask themselves if they are familiar enough with the market to consider a hotel purchase. A thorough understanding of the market you are entering is a crucial part of the process. The potential buyer should be aware of all relevant businesses on the market along with competition.  Investors often get too excited and jump into the first opportunity they come across. Next, be sure you are aware of the overall business economy. Having this information can impact the approach that buyers use to make a business purchase.

Overall, the tips discussed above will provide you with some knowledge you need to enter into a new hotel investment. Having all of the necessary information can make the investment profitable. For more information regarding hotel acquisitions and real estate investment, visit our blog.