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All but our simplest client engagements require a team of experts. We believe that every company and person has unique strengths and are better fitted for some projects over other types.


Professional financial and legal service providers encounter opportunities, situations and risks related to their client’s investment, ownership and/or use of real estate. Frequently those matters require expertise or attention that the firm doesn’t possess internally. Real Projectives™ consults with financial planners, investment advisors, accountants and attorneys on dozens of real estate subjects. Clients trust us to partner with them to smartly apply critical judgment, holistic thinking and decades of experience to solve problems and build stronger relationships. We listen, we care, we use appropriate resources, and we turn dreams and concerns into reliable outcomes.


Potential Situations
Providers and their clients may be worried about or become stuck on situations such as:

  • Intolerable cash flows that may require coming deeper out of pocket;
  • Investment returns that do not meet expectations;
  • Technical problems and deferred maintenance that damage asset values;
  • Inadequate resources to complete important project(s) and potentially threaten reputation;
  • Property plans and periodic reporting that are not actionable for future confidence;
  • Need to quantify how real estate holdings fit complementary into overall investment portfolio.


Relevant Services
Unlike many forms of investment, the right actions on real estate make measurable differences. Real Projectives both independently advises and effectively performs one or more of the following services:

  • Analyze the rewards and risks of a potential real estate investment;
  • Troubleshoot maintenance and technical problems;
  • Reduce operational expenses and improve related vendor performance;
  • Maximize rental income and creatively pursue other revenue streams;
  • Prepare budgets and capital plans that stabilize cash flow and minimize surprises;
  • Work out best financing and capital arrangements; and
  • Manage improvement and development projects, among others.