Woodford Mockingbird Apartments
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Woodford Mockingbird Apartments

Midland, TX

Residential - Apartments

Due Diligence and Oversight


RPL provided due diligence and oversight services on behalf of an institutional equity partner.

Unique Approach

  • Located in a unique market (Midland, TX) where resources and qualified trades are hard to come by, especially given competing oil field jobs that tend to pull away tradesmen.
  • Established a schedule that allowed for trades to remain on site for extended periods of time (i.e. having 4 slabs poured and ready for the framer before allowing the framer to start, then having 4 more slabs ready but not letting them start on them until 3 of the previous 4 had roofs on them first)
  • Established a staging and material storing lot to acquire as much material for the project as possible early so that the project was not waiting on materials to arrive.


  • Delivered 2 months ahead of initial schedule.
  • Delivered $2 million under initial budget.

Scope of Work

Class A garden style apartment community including a luxury clubhouse with a pool and amenity deck.

Project Summary

  • Client: One of the largest institutional private equity investment firms
  • Location: Midland, TX
  • Size: 362 units, 3 floors, 16 buildings, 317,600 SF, 17 acres
  • Timeline: 2017 to 2020
  • Services: Due Diligence and Oversight
  • Cost: $51 million
  • Architect: Humphreys & Partners Architects
  • Contractor: Stonehawk Woodford GC